West Hampstead House

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When it comes to luxury homes in Hampstead, London, our stylish and welcoming properties have a lot to offer.

Part of the London Borough of Camden, Hampstead is known for its artistic, liberal, intellectual, musical and literary culture – as well as for the large hilly parkland of Hampstead Heath. It is one of the most desirable locations to live within the City of London, which is why we have chosen to develop this timeless and unforgettable West Hampstead House.

The property offers the ultimate in luxury – a quiet retreat within this elegant part of the city. It is beautifully decorated, with modern materials, minimalist interiors and a clean, sleek feel. As soon as you step through the door you will feel the simplicity of the design soothing your senses and putting you at ease.

Small finishing touches make all the difference, such as top of the range appliances, flat screen televisions, plush wool carpeting, hardwood floors, spa-like bathroom fixtures and large bay windows. We have paid attention to every detail, in order to create a home that makes you feel like you are on top of the world.

Living within this enviable part of London means that you will be within walking distance from many appealing shops, bars and restaurants while enjoying the quiet and welcoming vibe of the community. A safe and peaceful community, it is close to several excellent schools and it is a wonderful area for families.

Take a look through the photos of West Hampstead House and if you have any questions about this property, or any of our other luxury homes in Hampstead, please contact us at any time.