One Palace Road Streatham

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One Palace Road is a collection of stylishly appointed, luxury one and two-bedroom apartments.

It is located in Streatham in South-West London, one of the most dynamic boroughs in the city. The name Streatham has the origin “hamlet on the street” and a long time ago it was the Roman Road that stretched from the capital Londinium to the south coast near Portslade. It became a popular resort town in the 18th century due to the healing powers of the water from the wells.

Today, it is one of the most culturally diverse and vibrant neighbourhoods of London. Many bars, restaurants and shops have opened in recent years and the area has experienced a surge in popularity. Streatham attracts a huge range of people, from professionals to young families looking for a friendly and laid back community to raise their children.

Key Features of One Palace Road:

  • 17 luxury apartments finished to a high specification
  • Sold with a 10-year Premier Guarantee
  • Location ideal for work, leisure and travel
  • Local amenities create an attractive environment for first-time buyers and landlords

One Palace Road is ideally located – close to work opportunities, study, entertainment or simply enjoying the London lifestyle. There are 17 luxury apartments in the development, finished to a very high specification. Take a look at the photos and see the level of sophistication and luxury that these properties have to offer and the care and attention to detail that has gone into their design.

To find out more about One Palace Road or any of Intraurban’s other developments, please contact us here. We are always happy to answer any of your questions.