At IntraUrban Developments we create luxury apartments and homes for Londoners.


We develop high quality and beautifully designed residential properties in some of the best locations in London. Our expertise is in converting and refurbishing existing housing and distressed buldings into high-value property. We also develop brownfield sites into new build housing and apartments.

We strive to create the best possible homes both how they look and the quality of how they are built. We are passionate about creating the standard of homes needed for Londoners to enjoy our unique Capital. To learn more about what we do and some of our property developments, please take a look at our portfolio or contact our team if you have any questions.

Our Commitment to Quality

Since we were founded in 1997, we have designed and developed an array of exciting residential properties all over the city of London. We take pride in the quality of the homes we develop and also the service that we provide for our clients, whether they are tenants, home buyers or investors. Please click here to learn more about our commitment to quality.